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Surrey Tree Services are environmentally aware of the impact our works have and always try our best to have the least impact as possible on the surrounding trees, wildlife and habitats.

Minimising disturbance to habitats is important to us, and we will create mulch and log piles if necessary to attract and balance wildlife populations. We use biodegradable oil making our equipment more environmentally friendly.

We also follow the guidelines in the BS3998 for the best pruning procedures and to make sure trees are healthy and well balanced after works.


Environmental Considerations and Habitats

Our Considerations to Local Wildlife & Habitats


To protect nesting birds, their eggs, and bats, we first make sure there are no signs of this before pruning or removing them. To cut down on noise pollution we use handsaws where possible.

Surrey Tree Services abides by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and adheres to the guidelines stated in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CRoW).


How we Process Waste

What Happens To Our Waste?


Most of our green waste is recycled to reduce the impact our company has on the environment. Wood chippings and mulch are used in gardens and allotments all over London and Surrey, as well as being taken to certified recycling centres. Logs are split and made into firewood which can be purchased in netted or bulk bags.

Where appropriate, we can leave the waste onsite to encourage wildlife in the form of mulch or log piles, again reducing our impact.


Waste Disposal and Carriers Licensed

Fully Licensed to Dispose of Green Waste


We are fully licensed to carry and dispose of green waste. Our certificates and be found below.



Future Goals

Our Plans & Goals


Eventually, we plan to upgrade our whole fleet including our equipment to run off bio-diel fuel and aim to plant a new tree for each one we fell.