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Are you located in a tree conservation area? If you are unsure what it is, everything will be explained below.

A tree conservation areas is a location where you will require permission to carry out any works to your trees including felling and pruning. Most residents will know if they are located within a conservation area, but if you are not sure we will check this for you.

If you do require permission, we will handle all the necessary paperwork and will be included for free upon moving ahead with the quotation. Grants will usually take about six weeks to go through, but you can go ahead with the works if you do not receive a reply from the council (which is very rare).

Once you have accepted the provided quote, we can book you in 6 weeks from the date of acceptance and is the same time the planning application will be submitted, ensuring you do not have to wait longer than six weeks. If the permissions are received earlier than expected, we shall try our best to bring the proposed works forward.


Tree Conservation Areas Surrey


Tree Conservation: Preservation Orders

What is a Preservation Order?


A tree preservation order is placed on trees which are considered of high value and is judged by their visibility and impact on their surrounding and the local environment. It is also judged by its size, species and future potential.


Why Tree Preservation Orders Are Put in Place?

How & Why They Are Put in Place


They are put in place to stop trees from becoming damaged from any pruning and removal of it. Any trees with a preservation order will require permission from the local council before carrying out any works.

Trees subject to a TPO or ones which are located in a conservation area can only be cleaned of deadwood. If a tree is a danger to anyone, it would be subject to a five-day emergency application.


Tree Surgery on Your Protected Trees (TPO)

Carrying Our Work on Protected Trees


Whatever type of work you require on your protected trees we can assist you. We are highly experienced when it comes to working with local authorities and can obtain any necessary permissions for you.

A tree officer will carefully examine your application, so it is important you have a valid reason to have the works carried out. It is therefore recommended to have an experienced tree surgeon fill in the application for you so they can find many reasons to mitigate the works you desire.