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Careful consideration should be taken before planting any trees. DIY tree planting can costly and disappointing, particularly when planting mature trees. There are many things to consider such as location and also avoid underground cables and services when planting.

Surrey Tree Services are highly experienced when it comes to planting trees and shrubs. Our company has planted hundreds of trees for clients and businesses in the vicinity of Surrey. Our arborists assist you when it comes to deciding which tree to plant, sourcing of the specimens, planting the actual tree and also providing you with exceptional aftercare advice.

We have the manpower and experience to plant any size trees up to 6 meters tall. We will work to your specifications, so you get the tree place exactly where you want.
  • First, we will decide together where to position the plant (also known as marking or setting out)
  • Once we have selected an appropriate location, we can then excavate a hole (known as a planting pit)
  • We then place the tree in the hole and fill it with high-quality soil
  • After the hole has been filled in, we then use stakes and anchoring to secure the tree firmly into place
  • We will then remove any excess soil, apply mulch to the base and give the tree some water
Tree Planting in Surrey


The Best Aftercare Advice
If you need tips on tree maintenance and aftercare contact us on 0208 123 5794. We are always happy to help to give your tree the best start in life.
Tree Aftercare in Surrey
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