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Tree pruning is essential to the growth of any tree and makes them stronger, increases their lifespan and also gives them better balance.

A tree can be pruned in many cases such as to remove dead or diseased branches, to allow better air circulation, creating new growth, reducing the overall height of a tree, removing obstructive branches to shaping it for looks and appeal.

It can sometimes be required for essential sunlight for all kinds of plants, trees, and shrubs or reducing the overall weight to minimise damage from gale force winds and storms.


Tree Pruning Surrey


Pruning and Considerations

How We Prune and Considerations Taken


Before any pruning works are carried out, we first need to assess the tree to make an accurate decision on what pruning jobs are suitable. We take a range of factors into consideration such as age, size, species, shape, character and condition before making any cuts.

In areas where there is a risk of harm to the public, we will use safety signs stating “Tree Cutting in Progress” and cordon off the vicinity with hazard tape. To prevent damage to property, we will use lowering ropes on large branches and limbs, lowering them directly from the crown.

The ABC cut method will be applied when making cuts to a tree preventing tearing on branches and limbs, which will also reduce the risk of infection and diseases.

Our tree surgeons always follow the guidelines in the British standards (BS3998) and strictly avoid flush cuts. Each cut will be carried out to the branch collar to ensure a healthy, well-balanced and safe tree.


Tree Trimming Surrey


Tree Pruning Services in Surrey

A Full List of Pruning Services We Provide


Surrey Tree Services provides a full range of tree care and pruning services for residential and commercial clients.


List of Best Pruning Practices

There are many different ways a tree can be pruned and have made a handy list for you.

  • Tree Crown Cleaning – Removal of dead wood, climbing plants, and epicormic shoots.
  • Tree Crown Lifting – Removing lower branches which effectively raises the crown.
  • Tree Crown Thinning – Reducing crown density to reduce weight and wind resistance.
  • Tree Crown Reduction – Reduces the crown size and weight without altering the shape.
  • Tree Pollarding – Heavy cut back of all branches and limbs to control the size and weight.


Bad Pruning Practices!

There are many good ways in which a tree can be pruned for the long-term health of a tree, but you will want to avoid these methods as they can kill a living tree.

  • Topping – Removal all branches limbs and foliage resulting in a dead tree.


To have an expert prune your trees call us today on 0208 123 5794. We provide free no obligation quotations which include the removal of all waste.