What We Use & How We Go About It
Tree stump grinding is usually required for obstructive tree stumps that need to be removed for renovation or building purposes. They can also be removed if they are causing a trip hazard or for any other reason.

The stump will be ground to a sufficient level to ensure that most of the rotting system is dead and not allowed a chance to regrow. In some cases, we will just drill holes through the top of the stump or even cut it deep with a chainsaw and apply poison.
Tree Stump Removal in Surrey


We Take Health & Safety Seriously
We are comprehensively equipped with small and large grinding machinery and can tackle stumps of all sizes, so access is never usually a problem.

Where there is a risk of damage to property from dirt and stones flicking, we will use plywood boards to cover the affected area.

If necessary, the vicinity will be secured with barrier tape to protect anyone from harm.
Tree Stump Grinding in Surrey


Complete Clearance of Debris After Completed Works
Once the stump has been entirely removed the remaining cavity will be backfilled with mulch (grinding waste) or soil and any leftover waste will be cleared.

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