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Are you trying to locate a tree surgeon in Claygate? Surrey Tree Services have professional tree surgeons in KT10 and many surrounding areas.


Tree Surgery Services and Quotes in Claygate


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Our arboricultural services Include:


Tree Surgery in Claygate


Surrey Tree Services are highly experienced tree surgeons and provide a complete solution for all your tree surgery requirements in Claygate. We run multiple teams of climbers, ground staff and consultants, and hold a £10 million combined insurance policy. If you require tree surgery in KT10 or any other surrounding area give us a call. We will book you in for a free on-site quotation at your earliest convenience.


Tree Surgery Services Claygate


Tree Felling in Claygate


Tree Felling is the complete removal of a tree all the way to stump level by either sectional or straight felling techniques. It is dangerous work and should only be carried out by a professional arborist. Our tree experts have taken down hundreds of trees and can safely fell and remove trees of all sizes. Once the works are complete the surrounding area will be left in a safe and tidy condition with minimal disruption to your day.


Tree Felling Claygate


Tree Pruning in Claygate


Do you have trees on your property that require pruning? If you have trees blocking light or access into your garden your trees may require pruning. Our tree surgeons have an excellent understanding of tree maintenance and will properly assess each tree before making any cuts. We guarantee to leave your trees in a safe and well-balanced condition by following the guidelines set out in the BS3998.


Tree Pruning Claygate


Tree Stump Removal in Claygate


Need an awkwardly placed tree stump removed from your garden? Our arborists have the best stump removal equipment to tackle the largest stumps and can have them removed the same day. We will ensure windows and other values are protected from flying debris from our grinder and always backfill the resulting hole and level the surface.


Tree Stump Removal Claygate


Emergency Tree Work in Claygate


High winds and storms can cause damaged to trees and will often cause them to fail. Once this happens you could be left with a big mess and a repair bill for thousands. For this reason, we suggest frequent maintenance to avoid damage from potentially dangerous trees. If you have a tree emergency on your hands don’t hesitate to call us. We can remove fallen trees from your premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Emergency Tree Work Claygate


Ivy Removal in Claygate


Ivy can be a nice addition to your home. However, if it is not maintained properly it can cause damage to all kinds of elements of your home. Brickwork and window frames are just a few elements that can be affected. Whether you require an ivy removal or maintenance service we can advise you on the pros and cons and will give you a plan based on your requirements.


Ivy Removal Claygate


Tree Planting in Claygate


Are you thinking of having a tree planted in your garden? Our arborists have planted thousands of trees and can plant and transplant both young and semi mature trees. No matter what your plating requirements may be, our team of experts will ensure your trees are planted correctly from excavating the planting pit, placing the tree to staking it securely. We also provide great advice on tree aftercare and support.


Tree Planting Claygate


Hedge Trimming in Claygate


Are you in need of a professional hedge trimming service? GraftinGardeners are highly skilled arborists and understand what it takes to get perfectly trimmed hedges. We can trim and shape shrubberies of all kinds including small box hedges to the largest conifers. We always deliver perfect results and work to your specifications. Get in touch with us today to receive a free quote.


Hedge Trimming Claygate


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