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Could you do with a knowledgeable tree surgeon in Hersham? Our team has unrivalled experience in the arboricultural industry and have qualified tree surgeons within KT12 and adjoining boroughs.


Tree Surgery Services and Quotes in Hersham


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Our arboricultural services include:


Tree Surgery in Hersham


Surrey Tree Services have years of experience in arboriculture and provide a full range of tree surgery services. We have professional tree surgeons operating in Hersham and carry out all types of tree surgery works. If you happen to require tree surgery in KT12, simply phone our office. We constantly deliver high quality results and guarantee total customer satisfaction.


Tree Surgery Services Hersham


Tree Felling in Hersham


Do you require a tree felling service within Hersham? Getting rid of a tree can be an enormous task. There are always risks involved, and it is recommended to employ a professional to assist in the removal. Our tree surgeons use the latest felling techniques to fell undesired trees safely and remove them from your property with minimal disruption. Our teams our fully qualified and abide by strict safety guidelines.


Tree Felling Hersham


Tree Pruning in Hersham


Tree pruning is delicate work, and there are many factors to consider for example age, size, condition, location and species before making any cuts. Hence, it is advised to have a professional with a very good understanding of tree management, assess your trees before performing any trimming works. Our tree surgeons are highly qualified and prune to BS3998 specifications, ensuring an even balance is maintained for the health of the tree.


Tree Pruning Hersham


Tree Stump Removal in Hersham


Tree Stumps are very tough to remove without sufficient grinding tools. Our tree surgeons are fully equipped to undertake stump removal operations and have removed hundreds of undesirable stumps in Surrey. We use powerful stump grinding machinery to grind out the toughest stumps. Once grinding is complete, the resulting pit will be filled with dirt and levelled.


Tree Stump Removal Hersham


Emergency Tree Work in Hersham


Bad weather and storms could potentially cause damage to neglected trees. This is certainly one of the main factors why they fall and end up costing huge sums of money. That is why we suggest regular maintenance. If you need a fallen tree removed from your premises, call us today. Our tree surgeons will cut up and remove the tree and restore order on your premises. Our emergency tree service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for tree emergencies.


Emergency Tree Work Hersham


Ivy Removal in Hersham


Ivy is a magnificent feature and can add value of your house. Additionally, it is a destructive climber if it is not taken care of in the correct way and can cause damage to your premises. Brickwork, render, and woodwork can all be affected and may end up costing money to repair. We offer our clients a complete ivy removal and maintenance service for all your climber requirements.


Ivy Removal Hersham


Tree Planting in Hersham


Surrey Tree Services have a great understanding of tree cultivation and management. We have planted hundreds of trees and will be happy to plant yours too. We can plant and transplant existing semi-mature trees safely to ensure there isn’t any damage. Our arborists will do the entire process for you and offer fantastic advice on tree aftercare.


Tree Planting Hersham


Hedge Trimming in Hersham


Hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Our highly skilled arborists will skilfully trim your hedges and can craft and shape any messy shrubberies. You can advise our hedge trimmers, and they will work to your specifications. We assure you will be pleased with our service and look forward to hearing from you.


Hedge Trimming Hersham


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