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Surrey Tree Services provides a complete ivy removal service. Our arborists remove ivy from trees and building in and around the Surrey area.

Ivy is wonderful feature and adds value to your home and garden when it is maintained properly. It is also a destructive climber and should not be left to grow out of control. Large rotting systems of ivy damage fences, sheds, brickwork, rendering, soffits, window frames, guttering, drains, and can even strangle other plants and trees.


Ivy Removal Surrey


Ivy Removal & Related Problems

The Problems Ivy Can Cause


  • Damage to wooden structures such as window frames and doors
  • Brickwork discoloration and damage to cement beds and joints
  • Ivy can compromise weather proofing by lifting roof tiles
  • Rendering becomes weak, cracks and sometimes falls off
  • Ivy strangles other trees and plants


Surrey Tree Services are experts at removing ivy from buildings, trees and plants. We have fully trained arborists to identify areas where the invasive climbers are causing problems and know the best methods to use when removing ivy.


Ivy & Climbers Management

Ivy Maintenance Service


  • Complete removal of ivy from building, plants and trees.
  • Trimming, pruning and shaping of ivy to your specifications


If you have problematic ivy and it is growing beyond the scope of your premises, give us a call today. We provide customers with a multiple ivy management services and can work to your exact specifications. Our specialists deal with invasive plants on a regular basis and hold relevant qualifications.