Dismantling Trees in Sections
Sectional tree felling is the most common type of felling and is used to dismantle trees in tight situations where space is limited or where any high-value property is beneath. It is highly skilled work, and the slightest mistake could result in damage being caused.

Our tree surgeons are superb at navigating through the tightest of spaces and can safely lower any logs and branches. We achieve this by using the latest rigging techniques and lower branches and logs directly from the crown of the tree.
Sectional Tree Felling in Surrey


Felling the Entire Tree
Straight felling is the complete removal of a tree. Trees are cut from the base and allowed to fall to the ground in a controlled direction. It is a less commonly used method as it requires a significant amount of space to perform correctly.

Small trees can be straight felled safely in most gardens or properties with the assistance of slings, ropes, and wedges. The straight felling of larger trees is mostly used in forestry work or on properties with a considerable amount of space.
Straight Tree Felling in Surrey
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